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Is there a risk that my body will reject a dental implant?

23 May 2019

A dental implant is not subject to the same risks that could be experienced with an organ transplant, for example. Since the rod is not made of a biological material, there is no risk the body will reject it due to a poor blood-type or tissue match. The human body doesn’t reject the placement of titanium within bone, which is why joint replacement surgery has such a high success rate.

There are recorded cases in which an implant was not successful, but this is not because the patients’ bodies rejected them. Rather, these cases were ones in which either the patients in question were not good candidates for the procedure, necessary bone grafts were not done, or practitioners lacked the requisite skill.

Another factor that could lead to implant failure is a patient’s inability to adhere to post-procedure care or attend follow-up appointments.

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