Bone Graft

The longer it takes to replace a missing tooth, the higher the likelihood the jaw will begin to deteriorate and lose bone mass. This can create a problem if a dental implant is delayed after tooth extraction because strong, dense bone is necessary to support the titanium rod.

If the bone is not sufficiently dense enough for an implant, Pedro can perform a bone graft to correct the issue.

A bone graft is a procedure whereby additional bone is added to the area in the jaw that will hold the implant. Pedro can use artificial bone, a small piece bone from another area of your body or bone derived from animal products.

It all depends on the level of restoration you need. In some cases, the bone graft can be performed at the same time as the implant is fitted. In more severe cases, it must occur before the implant fitting to allow enough time for the graft to heal. Healing time depends on the size and type of the graft.

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