Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a cap that is permanently cemented onto a tooth to improve its appearance and make it stronger. A crown covers the entire tooth right up to the gum line, so you can’t see any of the natural tooth structure.

There are many reasons why Pedro might recommend a crown. They can be used to hold portions of a cracked tooth together or reinforce a weak tooth that needs to support a neighbouring bridge. A crown is also a beautiful way to cover up the flaws of a badly discoloured or misshapen tooth.

A crown is usually made from porcelain, resin or metal. Pedro will first prepare your tooth so that it is the perfect fit for the crown. He will fill in any large holes in the tooth and reinforce it if needed. A properly prepared tooth will not decay below the crown, providing the perfect foundation for a long-lasting, beautiful solution.

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El Dr. Pedro es un ortodoncista especializado. Su práctica gira en torno a aparatos ortopédicos, aparatos ortopédicos y alineadores invisibles. Tiene mucha experiencia en el uso del sistema Damon y está certificado por Invisalign, Inman aligner y Harmony.

Publicó en revistas internacionales de ortodoncia (REO) y trabaja activamente en nuevas investigaciones. Ha completado cientos de casos y le gusta fotografiar cada caso para documentar las mejoras y la pasión que aporta a la apariencia de los pacientes.