Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures

Dr Bal’s range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures will give you radiant-looking skin without the need for invasive surgery.

Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your complexion or address an issue like acne-prone skin, dryness, hyperpigmentation or something else, these pain-free treatments require minimal downtime after.

  • Skin peels

    A skin peel can treat a variety of skin conditions. It destroys damaged, superficial skin cells and stimulates accelerated skin regeneration.

  • Mesotherapy

    Tiny microneedles are used to inject medication into the middle layer of the skin. The type of medication used depends on the condition.

  • Skinboosters

    An injectable treatment that delivers hyaluronic acid deep into the skin for hydration that lasts. It is not a wrinkle-reducer or dermal filler.

  • Microneedling/Dermaroller

    Microneedling uses a dermaroller to make tiny needle pricks on the surface of your skin. These tiny holes absorb skincare products into the deeper layers of the skin for more powerful results.

  • Ultherapy

    Ultrasound is used to regenerate your skin and cause a lift in the skin around problem areas like the neck, chin, eyebrows and décolletage. Ultherapy is also an effective treatment for smoothing wrinkles.

  • Aqualyx

    Used to dissolve stubborn fat deposits from the face.

  • Skinade

    Improve the way your skin feels and looks with an anti-ageing collagen drink. Its six active ingredients work together to boost your body’s natural ability to produce hyaluronic acid and collagen.

  • IM nutritional therapy

    Improve your skin health and combat skin complaints with a customised integrative medicine nutritional therapy plan.

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