Single Tooth Implants

A single missing tooth can be replaced using a dental bridge or implant. A dental bridge is only effective if both adjacent teeth are strong and healthy.

An implant, on the other hand, relies on the condition of the bone in the jaw.

During an implant procedure, Pedro embeds a small titanium screw in the bone of the tooth socket. This screw permanently fuses with the jawbone over time. A prosthetic tooth is made to match your remaining teeth and bonded to the titanium screw to produce a natural-looking, permanent replacement tooth.

Because only strong, durable materials are used, a dental implant is expected to last a long time and is not susceptible to the same decay as normal teeth. An implant is probably not an option if the tooth has been missing long enough for the bone and gum to have receded significantly. If this is the case, Pedro may recommend a dental bridge or bone grafting to prepare the jaw for an implant.

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El Dr. Pedro es un ortodoncista especializado. Su práctica gira en torno a aparatos ortopédicos, aparatos ortopédicos y alineadores invisibles. Tiene mucha experiencia en el uso del sistema Damon y está certificado por Invisalign, Inman aligner y Harmony.

Publicó en revistas internacionales de ortodoncia (REO) y trabaja activamente en nuevas investigaciones. Ha completado cientos de casos y le gusta fotografiar cada caso para documentar las mejoras y la pasión que aporta a la apariencia de los pacientes.