Damon® Braces

The Damon® system is suitable for all ages and is a modern approach to straightening teeth and typically doesn’t require tooth extraction for crowded teeth.

The system is gentle, comfortable and unobtrusive, while still giving your orthodontist maximum control over movement of your teeth, making this option ideal for complex cases.

Damon® braces are fitted in the same way as traditional metal braces. The difference is that Damon® braces use a memory wire connected to a slide mechanism to move teeth into position instead of brackets.

Whereas brackets need to be adjusted regularly, these slide mechanisms move with the teeth as they realign. The braces continuously adjust to your straightening smile, so you’ll need fewer appointments throughout the alignment process.  These braces are designed to straighten teeth faster than traditional braces, but the treatment duration will depend on the complexity of your diagnosis.

The Damon® slide system exerts less pressure on the teeth — and less pressure means less discomfort. Damon® braces also have fewer places for bacteria and plaque to accumulate, avoiding additional dental problems.

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El Dr. Pedro es un ortodoncista especializado. Su práctica gira en torno a aparatos ortopédicos, aparatos ortopédicos y alineadores invisibles. Tiene mucha experiencia en el uso del sistema Damon y está certificado por Invisalign, Inman aligner y Harmony.

Publicó en revistas internacionales de ortodoncia (REO) y trabaja activamente en nuevas investigaciones. Ha completado cientos de casos y le gusta fotografiar cada caso para documentar las mejoras y la pasión que aporta a la apariencia de los pacientes.