Patients who need braces but are worried about the conventional train-track appearance should consider the Incognito®brand.

These braces attach to the back of the teeth, so they are significantly less visible than traditional braces.

Each set of Incognito® braces is completely customised for each patient to maximise results and minimise discomfort. They are suitable for children, teens or adults.

Incognito® is also a good option for people who play contact sports or wind instruments, for whom traditional braces might get in the way. They produce visible results in a short time while remaining hidden throughout the process.

The positioning of Incognito® braces also means there is no risk of decalcification of the front surface of your teeth, and the gold alloy brackets also make them suitable for patients with nickel allergies.

Pedro is an Incognito®-certified orthodontist

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With over 15-years experience and a strong commitment to excellence, Pedro provides top-quality dental care with special attention to detail so that you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.

His practice revolves around cosmetic and restorative dentistry including smile makeovers, cosmetic braces, Invisalign, dental implants, porcelain crowns & veneers, composite bondings, teeth whitening and more.

Pedro is enthusiastic and dedicated to providing a personalized and professional service. He will treat you like a family member. You will be in very good hands.