Mouth Cancer Screening

Regular screening for mouth cancer is vital, especially in patients aged 60 or over.

Dentists are one of the few healthcare professionals that regularly look at the mouth and are most likely to detect any early warning signs of oral cancer.

Oral cancer can occur in all areas of the mouth including the throat and tongue. Pedro is qualified to perform all necessary physical and visual examinations of the oral cavity and connecting tissues. Regular checks can alert you to any warning signs that need further examination. Precautionary measures and early treatment can save lives.

Cancer screening is more complicated than simply looking inside a patient’s mouth. It is not something the dentist does quickly while cleaning your teeth. Cancer screening is a deliberate process that requires additional time and focus.

During the visual exam, Pedro will examine your neck, face, lips, oral cavity and nasal cavity. After the visual exam, Pedro will touch your head, cheeks, jawline, chin and parts of the oral cavity. Warning signs include mouth sores, discoloured tissue, lumps, growths, nodules or irregularities in your face, mouth or neck.

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