Tooth Extraction

Extraction is the process of removing an entire tooth structure, including the root, from the tooth socket.

Pedro will make every attempt to repair and restore a damaged tooth before considering an extraction, but sometimes, it is unavoidable. The main reasons for a tooth extraction include:

  • Severe damage

    A tooth that is so extensively damaged that it cannot be repaired is removed to make space for an artificial tooth.

  • Non-functioning tooth

    A tooth that is so badly positioned or misaligned that it is not useful for chewing and may lead to complications.

  • Orthodontic spacing

    A tooth that needs to be removed to free up space, so the alignment of remaining teeth can be corrected with braces.

  • Supernumerary teeth

    Teeth that are blocking other teeth from erupting and causing oral health issues.

  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy

    These may increase the risk of dental infections, which pose potential health complications for the patient. It is best to remove the compromised tooth to preserve overall health.

  • Organ transplant

    A compromised tooth may lead to an infection that can be life-threatening during the recovery period after an organ transplant. It is best to remove this tooth and preserve overall health.

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